Raspirical Things

Birds, butterflies and moths are deeply embedded within the divine and superstitious realms of human mythology and are often used to symbolise freedom and transformation. Using the language of the magical and talismanic Raspirical Things are a collection of sculptural forms that explore the ephemeral nature of female desirability. As beauty must inevitably succumb to age, societies perception of female worth becomes an ever-diminishing currency that often renders women invisible. Harnessing the fragility and bone-like quality of porcelain these forms seek to express this poignant loss of youth and beauty whilst celebrating the ensuing liberation from the conformity of male desire.

Raspirical is an imaginary term that conveys the ambiguous nature of the collection, a rasping, lyrical expression of pattern, form and female experience.

The exhibition comprises a series of large individual wall hanging pieces of various sizes around 46 x 45 x 4cm, as well as a 74-piece wall mounted installation measuring 2.5m x 1m made up of various sized smaller pieces.


Working in a very instinctual and unplanned way each piece begins with the creation of a small machete, which is worked and reworked until a form emerges. I then hand build the form in clay and using a large variety of balled and pointed tools I create the pattern.

Raspirical Things have all been made from Southern Ice Porcelain Paper Clay, which has been fired up to stoneware temperatures. Each piece has been sanded after firing to enhance the bonelike quality of the porcelain.

Previous Work


21 Reasons to Repeat Myself

21 Reasons to Repeat Myself is a 21 piece ceramic installation inspired by tribal artifacts imbued with magical and otherworldly qualities that contain a life force or ‘soul’ of their own. The work explores how each of us embody the physical and mental legacy of all those who came before us.

From inception these sculptures were always about the collective; 21 individuals belonging to one tribe. At 21 we cross the threshold into adult maturity and the human soul is said to weigh 21 grams.

Repetition has strong links with superstition and the compulsive need to repeat can be both comforting and disturbing. Like the generational use of patterns that convey the identity and beliefs of tribal people, my patterns explore how the notions of individuality and free will are inextricably linked to familial connection.


I hand coil each sculpture with porcelain paper clay and use a variety of small tools to create surface patterns. Intuitively and without sketching these patterns always begin by circling the eyes and slowly but surely a new character is revealed.

Fired to stoneware temperatures and deliberately left unglazed each piece is sanded to enhance the bone like quality of the porcelaneous clay body. The sizes range from 65cm h x 35cm w to 17cm h x 9cm w.